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Background Check Services

Background check services help you in learning more about a person. This may range from criminal records to financial history of someone you are interested in. For instance, it may be important for you to know the financial history of a business partner that you are intending to work with. It is thus very important that you know how background check function. Information from background services is usually gotten from different public checks. Some of them include courthouses, offices of county clerks and the social media platforms. Below is a list factors that you should consider when looking for these services:
1. Accuracy of the information.
Accurate information is very critical whether you are investigating a friend you met online or a nanny for your children. The best services give you information about criminal records, financial history, personal information and sex offender registries. Accuracy of this data ensures that you don’t put your life in danger. You should thus get information from companies that have high accuracy rates.

2. Ease of use
Almost all background check services have a central dashboard which provides you with all the reports that you purchase. However the best background service is one that puts additional information on these dashboards. Some of this additional information may include definition of terms that you might not be familiar with. This makes it very easy for you to retrieve the information that you need. The service company should also give you an explanation why some information is not available on the dashboard.

3. Availability of a Help and Support.
The best company is one that provides a numerous support channels such as email support, online FAQs and phone support. Live chats may also play a very big role. These channels should be operational 24/7 so that you can make enquiries any time you are in need.
4. Availability of Social Media Profiles.
The social media is a great source of personal information. This is because some people are completely open about their lives on these platforms. Social media makes sharing of personal information extremely easy. You should thus use a background check company that includes social media profiles like this website.